About Me

Hello, all! I'm Vladimir Potapev, Software Engineer in Novosibirsk, Russia.

My primary goal is to develop fast and reliable applications from pure idea to ready-to-use product. Productivity and automation - very important things should be used in this case.

Erlang and Clojure/ClojureScript are my primary tools. Using C, C++ - to make a code really fast or for some special cases (e.g. development for MCU). Python - just for all ML-related things. HTML, CSS, JavaScript - rarely (and I prefer ClojureScript instead of JS).

My interests include, but not limited to software architecting, distributed systems design, functional programming, big data processing, machine learning and data mining. Digital electronics is also cool thing but it eats too much time. :)

I have an Engineering degree in Industrial Electronics, TUSUR. There were nice years. So now I create an apps, always learning something new, reading books and just enjoy life!

I'm always open for new opportunities, if you have something interesting to offer/discuss, feel free to contact me.

Leisures: running, gym, bicycle, paintball.

Last update: 12 Aug 2017
Spectrum 48K Z80A -> i8088 -> K6-266 -> Duron 800 -> Duron 1300 -> Athlon 64 X2 4200+ -> Core2 Duo T7500 -> i7 4770K & i7 7500U